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Our Services

We design and install your PV system until the takeover by your energy supplier.


Using the latest software (Solinvest) we calculate and plan  your facility. You can see in advance what returns you will receive during the term. So you have a solid basis for your financing.


We help you finding the best fincancing system and bank.


Our installation teams build quickly and in time your installation. We employ only qualified professionals for the solar industry with the appropriate statutory approvals. Thus, we're able to fullfill every step on  the DC- and AC-side of your solar system completely for you.


  • IEC 61215: Terrestrische PV-Module mit kristallinen Silizium Bauarteignung und Bauartzulassung
  • IEC 61646: Terrestrische Dünnschicht PV-Module Bauarteignung und Bauartzulassung
  • IEC 61730: Sicherheits Qualifizierung von Photovoltaik Modulen
  • IEC 62108: Konzentrierende Photovoltaik Module Bauarteignung und Bauartzulassung


The decrease takes place through our engineers. Thereby you receive certified decrease protocols which confirm the flawless function of the arrangement what is for your guarantees of great importance. All used parts are registered by the manufacturer with standard numbers and the suitable decrease protocols from manufacturing are handed over you.