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The AETP air heat pumps - the alternative to gas and oil
50% of the cost of traditional providers!

The company currently offers AETP air heat pump, since this system is perfectly adequate for today's technology in order to heat homes monovalent all year round.

In the air heat pump, we use a separate system, so-called split heat pump in which the evaporator and the condenser are housed in separate units.

This need has the great advantage that no costly air feed and abführschächte be installed in the building. The evaporator unit for recovering heat from the ambient air is installed outdoors. The compressor and condenser unit for emitting heat to the hot water is installed in the building. Both units are connected by refrigerant lines that are easy to install, with each other.

The advantages of this system are:
- Easy installation
- Low installation costs
- High efficiency due to optimal air supply and discharge in the open
- Heat losses to the condenser / compressor unit remain in the building
- Small footprint requirements in the building - not more than one refrigerator
- Reversing the summer for cooling is also easy to achieve.
- COP values ​​reach up to 5
- Monovalent heating possible
- Cooling in summer available as standard
Through mass production, these heat pumps are purchased at a very reasonable purchase price.
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AETP Air-heatpump


Type: AW10 / AW13 F / F
Heat capacity at 7/35 ℃: 11 KW 14 KW
exclusive heat
Cooling medium: R410a
Main accessories:

  1. EVI Compressor: Hitachi scroll compressor
  2. Heat exchanger: SWEP Lötplattenwärmetauscher
  3. Third HISEER Controller: Manufacturer: Siemens
  4. Electric. Components: Schneider
  5. Dry filter: Emerson
  6. integrated differential pressure switch
  7. built-in circulation pump: Danfoss
  8. built-in electric booster heater
  9. Internal Honeywell 3-way diverter valve

    Heating capacity: 10 - 30 kw